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CLEANENGINE — Result In Brief

Project ID: 31241
Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV
Country: Italy

Cleaning up the performance of biofuels

Biofuels are seen by many as a green alternative to fossil fuels. But making full use of these clean energy sources requires a thorough investigation of how they interact with different types of engines and how best to filter out undesired greenhouse gas emissions.
Cleaning up the performance of biofuels
Despite challenges associated with their impact on global food supplies, biofuels are widely regarded as clean, green alternatives to fossil fuels. The EU-funded ‘Advanced technologies for highly efficient clean engines working with alternative fuels and lubes’ (Cleanengine) project worked on evaluating and developing advanced engines that function on biofuels and bio-lubricants. It focused on liquid biofuels extracted from biomass, such as bio-diesel and bio-ethanol, as well as environmentally friendly and ash-free lubes and/or lubrication concepts.

Cleanengine also evaluated the impact of biofuels and bio-lubes on engines of different sizes in order to devise optimised solutions in materials, geometry and after-treatment.

The project focused on designing and producing alternative engine fluids (biofuels and bio-lubes) based on end-user requirements. The project also evaluated the compatibility of the alternative fluids with engine materials and sub-systems.

The team devoted attention to developing and/or optimising post-treatment systems to reach the desired emission targets for the selected engine applications. The performance of these prototype alternatives were assessed in engines and a study was carried out to examine the environmental impacts of the production and usage phases of the alternative fluids.

Cleanengine’s results will help Europe’s automotive industry to consolidate its strategic knowledge and compete globally in the emerging clean vehicles market.

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