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AIRTV — Result In Brief

Project ID: 36957
Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV
Country: Spain

Air emission systems embrace certification

Initial steps have been made towards establishing a pan-European scheme to certify technologies that combat air emissions. Efforts in this direction will support innovative businesses and spur competition in eco-friendly technology.
Air emission systems embrace certification
Air emissions contributing to pollution have become a prime concern of the European Union in recent years, prompting a need for more innovative environmentally friendly technology. However, any new technology to combat pollution requires reliable environmental technology verification (ETV) by third parties to secure environmental technology certification.

the EU-funded project 'Testing network for verification of air emissions abatement technologies' (AIRTV) looked into establishing a European-scale verification scheme . It produced a general protocol for such verification as well as nine specific protocols for specific technologies. After consulting with stakeholders, the project also outlined recommendations for a European ETV system to improve air emissions. This would overcome the challenge of verification in every country as the procedure would be standardised.

AIRTV proposed a vendor-driven verification process, aimed specifically at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), where suppliers seek verification from a specialised body or national contact point. This may involve experts in technology and measurement, testing laboratories and establishment of parameters for testing. Once the EU ETV body approves the verification report, it provides a logo of certification.

the project also recommended that ETV aim for successful technologies to be designated as 'best available technology' (BAT). It subsequently called for funding schemes to support SMEs in seeking verification.

A project workshop discussed how to establish the European ETV scheme in conjunction with the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). The system would enable suppliers and manufacturers to supply documented proof of environmentally sound technology, focusing on performance rather than actually certifying a product.

AIRTV successfully created guidelines for verifying air emission abatement technologies such as hardware devices, machines and tools, as well as software for process control and improvement. These also apply to chemical and biotechnological processes, ultimately ensuring that verification of such technology is streamlined and much more efficient.

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