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EUROLATSEA — Result In Brief

Project ID: 31766
Funded under: FP6-FOOD
Country: Belgium

Fishing for technological advance in Latin America

Research has helped to expand the technological base for aquaculture in Latin America and form links with European research facilities in the fish farming sector.
Fishing for technological advance in Latin America
Advances in aquaculture systems are based on a greater understanding of complex interactions between nutrients, bacteria and the fish in culture. Together with advances in hydrodynamics as applied to pond and tank design, closed systems can be developed. Offshore structures are used to release reared young fish into the wild to increase natural harvest as well as fattening of wild fish.

Access to research capability and implementation of new technology can be difficult, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Yet it is crucial for profitability and a competitive edge to keep ahead of the game. For those in aquaculture in Latin America, the 'European research for the Latin-American seafood industry' (Eurolatsea) project provided scientific and technological advice to improve output as well as export quality and safeguard consumer health.

The overall goal of Eurolatsea was to facilitate access to research initiatives and technology innovation for Latin American companies. A series of workshops directed organisations to appropriate institutions, advised how to set up research within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of EU research and devised roadmaps to upgrade technological capacity.

Both workshops and one-to-one meeting activities were very popular giving customised, realistic advice on future research ventures. In particular, Eurolatsea made sure that fair and objective advice was given in the context of the capacity of the business to avoid risky long-term projects, for example.

The workshop model has been adopted as standard in present business events. The success of the project continues inasmuch as Eurolatsea partners are acting as keynote speakers at seafood fairs and business events on the topic of funding opportunities and European research projects. There is now an established pathway between Europe and Latin America for research collaboration.

Looking to the future, the hope is to build on the initiatives set up by Eurolatsea to further expand the aquaculture sector in Latin America. Satisfying the insatiable global demand for food by upgrading aquaculture systems will provide vital sustainable support for the economies in central America.

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