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PICO — Result In Brief

Project ID: 28928
Funded under: FP6-CITIZENS
Country: France

Transferring knowledge from research to industry

More and more academic research institutions and public research organisations (PROs) are focusing on developing research-based spin-offs (RBSOs) to transfer research results to industry. These venture firms play a critical role in transforming scientific knowledge to new technologies, products, processes and services and are thus a critical cog in the economic growth wheel of Europe.
Transferring knowledge from research to industry
A very few of these RBSOs demonstrate extremely fast and commercially fruitful growth. However, even those who do not witness long-term success on their own generate a tremendous amount of knowledge that may be transferred or successfully exploited via partnerships or mergers and acquisitions.

The ‘Academic entrepreneurship from knowledge creation to knowledge diffusion’ (PICO) project was designed to enhance understanding of the conditions under which RBSOs effectively contribute to the knowledge base and transfer of research results from academics to industry.

The project researchers first identified the commercialisation strategies adopted by RBSOs and developed a model of how they determine innovative output and growth. They then evaluated and created a model of how these strategies impact partnerships via questionnaires for the RBSOs, their partners and, in the case of mergers and acquisitions, both those acquiring and their target acquisitions. They then carried out field work, data acquisition and data analysis.

The results of the project should provide insight into the knowledge creation and transfer functions of RBSOs and their effects on innovation and growth. In addition, the results should drive design of public policy related to RBSOs and generate public support for venture projects, thus enhancing the competitiveness of EU research and industry.

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