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ECODRIVE — Result In Brief

Project ID: 44391
Funded under: FP6-POLICIES
Country: Netherlands

Measuring environmental protection, economic growth

An EU-funded initiative evaluated a system for identifying and measuring eco-innovation factors related to economic and environmental performance. The results should further Europe’s goal of sustainability, increasing performance and decreasing the negative impact of industrial activity on our planet.
Measuring environmental protection, economic growth
European goals for sustainability via continuous economic growth combined with environmental protection have led to eco-innovation, aimed at high productivity without negative environmental impact. Eco-innovation indicators are used to measure a variety of performance measures from an economic standpoint, such as enhanced functionality and reduced cost, and an ‘eco’ standpoint, such as reduced emissions and resource depletion.

The ‘Measuring ECO-innovation: ecological and economic performance and derived indicators’ (Ecodrive) project aimed at developing a framework of eco-indicators and standardised methods for measuring them. The indicators were classed into three categories: those directly reflecting actual economic and environmental performance, those predicting future performance and those driving performance (for example, having an eco-innovation manager within a company).

The proposed parameters were quantified and used in a selected case study, revealing concepts pertinent to quantification options as well as knowledge gaps and areas for future consideration.

The results of the Ecodrive project provided insight into the quantification of performance measures related to economic and environmental factors. Further research may elucidate additional important indicators, whether on the consumer or producer side of technology, products and services and may help governments and policymakers to better evaluate the eco-impact of industrial activities and businesses for increased sustainability and enhanced competitiveness.

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