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STRIVER — Result In Brief

Project ID: 37141
Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV
Country: Norway

Europe needs integrated water resources management

A European initiative addressed the need for an integrated approach to water resources management across Europe. Results are expected to meet demands for sustainable water supply at both national and European levels.
Europe needs integrated water resources management
Efficient management of water resources has become a top priority globally due to increasing demands for water. However, operational bottlenecks and lack of clear methodologies have led to the EU-funded project ‘Strategy and methodology for improved IWRM - An integrated interdisciplinary assessment in four twinning river basins in Europe and Asia’ (Striver). The main objective of Striver was to develop interdisciplinary methods to assess and implement integrated water resources management (IWRM).

The consortium undertook specific research methodology in four twinning catchments in Europe and Asia. By combining natural, policy and social sciences, project members dealt with issues related to water regimes in internationally regulated rivers, environmental flow, pollution, and land and water use interaction. The outcomes of this investigation provided useful examples for promoting and applying IWRM approaches.

The Striver project stressed the importance of stakeholder participation through workshops for successful IWRM implementation. Also, international cooperation in cases of trans-border river basins was considered essential for applying IWRM strategies.

Overall, the Striver consortium was successful in developing strategies and methodologies for assessing IWRM. Study results will promote participatory planning and integrated decision making among stakeholders, leading to improved water resources management with obvious environmental and socioeconomic benefits.

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