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FEUFAR — Result In Brief

Project ID: 44178
Funded under: FP6-POLICIES
Country: Netherlands

Sustainable and profitable European aquaculture

An EU-funded initiative has focused the aquaculture industry on future research directions, management practices and sustainability to enhance economic competitiveness and protect the environment in the process.
Sustainable and profitable European aquaculture
In order to effectively exploit sustainable farming of aquatic resources, the project ‘The future of European fisheries and aquaculture research’ (Feufar) outlined the principal challenges and opportunities for fisheries and aquaculture in general.

They divided the aquaculture sector into seven interconnected areas, representing the system as a whole. Together with representatives from stakeholders groups, scientific and consumer organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the researchers identified the critical factors affecting future development as well as indicators of their progress.

With this as a foundation, the investigators developed scenarios for the development of individual system components and combined these to elaborate five macro-scenarios encompassing evolution of the entire system. The investigators analysed the scenarios with respect to various operating conditions and opportunities for exploitation of resources. They prepared proposals including strategies for both individual components and for the system as a whole.

Specifically, the researchers made recommendations regarding methodologies for data acquisition, risk management and communication of knowledge. They identified priorities for fisheries regarding both technological development as well as management practices. In addition, the Feufar project proposed focused research regarding exploitable species, alternative feeds and development of aquaculture for areas other than food production. Finally, the researchers identified methods for enhancing sustainability of aquaculture.

In summary, the Feufar project analysed past and present methodologies in the aquaculture industry, providing important recommendations and proposals for future directions that will enhance productivity while protecting the aquatic ecosystem. The results should have important implications for European competitiveness in the aquaculture industry as well as for protection of the environment.

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