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Project ID: 33339
Funded under: FP6-NMP
Country: Switzerland

Novel systems for controlled drug release

A European initiative developed new encapsulation techniques with defined release mechanisms of active ingredients.
Novel systems for controlled drug release
Drug administration often requires giving drugs continually for prolonged time periods and in a controlled fashion to avoid possible side-effects of a one-time high dose. This necessitates the development of controlled release technologies where the active drug ingredient is encapsulated in a tablet or capsule and slowly released over time. The primary method of accomplishing this controlled release has been through incorporating the chemicals within polymers, a technology that has been extended to the food, agricultural and cosmetic industries.

Encapsulation normally uses capsules with controlled diffusion permeability that allows the slow release of the active ingredients. However, their small size often constitutes a limiting factor for internal phase separation and efficient release.

With this in mind, the EU-funded ‘New controlled release systems produced by self-assembly of biopolymers and colloidal particles at fluid-fluid interfaces’ (Controlled Release) project focused on identifying novel materials for building suitable model systems of drug controlled release. The physical properties of self-assembly and release processes were extensively studied at fluid-fluid interfaces with the aim to incorporate them into the design of new encapsulating devices.

Consortium members produced multi-shell containers from various materials including proteins, hydrocolloids and colloidosomes. They modelled the material properties with the shell structure and interior to identify the best candidate. Heat-set biopolymers were also used for capsule construction in order to study their efficiency in sustainable release in such confined space.

Overall, the Controlled Release project generated novel designs and production of controlled release products. Application of the project deliverables will lead to a sustainable knowledge-based industry, and an improved quality of life, health, safety and environment.

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