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EMRS — Result In Brief

Project ID: 504755
Country: Germany

The science repository

Encouraging dialogue on new advances in science, particularly biotechnology and genetics, will help the public overcome prejudices and support educators in communicating novel topics.
The science repository
EU experts believe that dialogue and the availability of quality information are crucial for building trust in new technologies and in science in order to advance innovation and competitiveness. While biotechnology and life sciences are becoming increasingly accepted in Europe, efforts must be made to assure stakeholders of related benefits and potential.

The EU-funded project 'A European multimedia repository of science' (EMRS) worked on narrowing the gap between science and stakeholders. It presented health-related research from Europe in a way that is easily understood and accessible to educators, the public and the media. These stakeholders were targeted through three different communication platforms, namely radio/TV broadcasting, the Internet and multimedia DVDs.

The project team produced seven films and three knowledge packages destined for stakeholders. It established a comprehensive website and rapid response network to form exchanges between scientists and stakeholders.

In more detail, EMRS successfully brought the latest advances in biotech research and genomics to the attention of key stakeholders, fostering discussions on health issues, among others. The project website was conceived to be highly engaging and interactive and proved to be popular with the general public and young people, as well as in formal and informal educational settings. In addition, teachers in particular were very satisfied with high-quality, cutting-edge teaching materials provided to them, even though the material could also be understood by the general public without the presence of educators.

Overall, the project managed to provide a platform on responsible development and application of life sciences and biotechnology. It helped identify the public's concerns and address them before these concerns and the technology behind them are taken out of context.

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