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WAVESSG — Result In Brief

Project ID: 19831
Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV
Country: Norway

Wave energy – the late bloomer in renewable energy

A new wave energy prototype has been designed for reliability as well as flexibility since no two waves are alike. Its inventors are eager to demonstrate that more than just fish can be harvested from the sea.
Wave energy – the late bloomer in renewable energy
The ocean contains more than enough energy to satisfy our needs; the problem is harnessing this energy in an efficient and cost-effective manner. While considerable progress has been made in previous research and technology development (RTD) projects, we are still a long way off from a viable solution.

Building on previous results, the EU-funded 'Full-scale demonstration of robust and high-efficiency wave energy converter' (Wavessg) project aimed to get a 200 kW system up and running. The heart of the system is a Seawave Slot-cone Generator (SSG) with multiple reservoirs to capture energy from waves of varying heights.

The primary deliverable of Wavessg was a multi-stage turbine (MST) whose single turbine wheel was designed especially for use with the SSG. A special seal had to be created to prevent air from entering the turbine. An array of sensors has also been deployed to collect valuable information concerning wave height, energy production and other important parameters.

Extensive testing of the Wavessg prototype was carried out in the laboratory. The next phase of the research involves a pilot project in the field, but the public's consent for such tests must be obtained before installing the equipment in sensitive coastal regions.

The Wavessg system was described in detail in a number of publications as well as on the project website. It is hoped that such technology will help wave energy grow to the level of maturity already reached by its renewable energy siblings, the sun and the wind.

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