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From innovation to exploitation

New tools to assess innovation, support policymaking and further exploitation of research results could support industry in intelligent ways.
From innovation to exploitation
Assessing progress in innovation is key to helping formulate new policies that stoke the economy. However, these assessments are often not translated into concrete policies and decisions. The EU-funded project 'Supporting policy making with innovative assessment tools' (Suppolicy) strived to help governments and district officials to transform innovation assessments into policies. It also sought to streamline the policy cycle to include all actors through a more effective policy framework.

The project developed a strategy to enable political decision makers to foster innovation in their district or country through a new methodology, tools and procedures. These have been designed to transform research and development (R&D) results into applications that benefit end users and the economy.

This involved exchange of good practices and analysis of key issues, to produce decision making strategies, operational guidelines and standard procedures. The project then supported the implementation policy initiatives related to technology and innovation on an EU-wide scale. It helped disseminate these important outcomes through project partners to ensure that the new data and tools are used by policymakers.

Suppolicy's final conference was met with marked success, fostering significant exchanges in innovation policy sectors. The conference's networking and project's outcomes should ultimately strengthen research and innovation policy, particularly in new EU States and in European regions. With this, political decision makers of local governments can spawn innovation-friendly environments, enabling R&D to fuel industry and benefit end users.

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