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IPMMAN — Result In Brief

Project ID: 33205
Funded under: FP6-NMP
Country: Austria

Making smaller better with nano-manufacturing

Micro- and nano-manufacturing are relatively new terms that do not have standard definitions. Most generally, they refer to manufacturing processes or products that have to do with objects on the scale of micron size (1 one millionth of a metre) or nanometre size (one billionth of a metre, on the scale of atoms and molecules).
Making smaller better with nano-manufacturing
Although many industries have been making parts on the scale of microns for sometime, the increasing focus is on smaller and smaller components with more and more capabilities, particularly in the medical and electronics industries.

The ‘Improvement of industrial production integrating macro-, micro- and nanotechnologies for more flexible and efficient manufacturing’ (Ipmman) project was designed to provide a strategic roadmap for European micro- and nano-manufacturing. The research group focused on all application possibilities with potential industrial added value. In addition, they concluded that development of this sector requires totally new manufacturing methods, not simply adaptation of macro-manufacturing techniques.

Finally, the researchers collaborated closely with industrial end users to ensure commercial relevance of conclusions as well as provide justification for recommendations to the European Commission.

In summary, the Ipmman project successfully defined a strategic roadmap for the European manufacturing sector regarding micro- and nano-manufacturing. The results will be presented to the European Commission with important implications for future research and technology development in this very important technology sector.

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