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ECOBINDERS — Result In Brief

Project ID: 11734
Funded under: FP6-NMP
Country: Belgium

Green alternative for treating wood

A wide range of chemicals with varying levels of toxicity to humans and the environment are used to treat and preserve wood, thus making their way not only into factories but into homes, cars and workplaces. EU-funded researchers developed environmentally friendly alternatives from natural materials with widespread applicability and the potential to significantly enhance both European competitiveness as well as quality of life.
Green alternative for treating wood
The ‘Furan and lignin based resins as eco-friendly and durable solutions for wood preservation, panel, board and design products’ (Ecobinders) project was designed to develop new biomass-based materials to address the growing concern over the toxicity of chemicals used in the wood making sector.

The project researchers successfully developed a new range of natural binders that are easily available and environmentally friendly. They are positioned to diminish the use of chromated copper arsenic (CCA) salts and the release of formaldehyde into the environment. They have potential application in numerous products such as furniture and window frames, fire-resistant doors and panels, and roof and wall shingles, to name only a few.

Widespread use of the new materials could significantly diminish the amount of toxic chemicals in European households as well as toxic chemical exposure of workers in related fields. In an increasingly savvy consumer environment, eco-friendly products are experiencing increasing demand suggesting economic benefits for industrial users. In addition, better health and safety of workers and consumers has the potential to decrease healthcare costs for countries and individuals as well. The overall potential economic, health and environmental benefits of the innovative products makes the value of their use inescapable.

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