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MULTIPROTECT — Result In Brief

Project ID: 11783
Funded under: FP6-NMP
Country: Germany

Safe and cost-effective corrosion protection

Corrosion is an important cause of decreased capital value, with over EUR 100 billion lost in Europe annually. EU-funded researchers developed new technologies for corrosion protection based on nanotechnology, providing cost and environmental benefits for European consumers and several of Europe’s largest industrial users.
Safe and cost-effective corrosion protection
Most corrosion protection is based on the use of heavy metals, in particular chromium (VI), known to be hazardous to humans and the environment. The ‘Advanced environmentally friendly multifunctional corrosion protection by nanotechnology’ (Multiprotect) project was designed to develop replacements for corrosion protection based on smart nano-structured materials using novel nanoparticles.

Specifically, the researchers sought to develop new heavy metal-free nanotechnology providing not only corrosion resistance but enabling tailor-made functions such as abrasion resistance, low friction or low surface-free energy. In addition, the research consortium set out to develop cost-effective and environmentally friendly production and application methods for Europe’s aircraft, automotive and construction industries.

During the final phase of the project, the consortium further optimised the developed technologies, analysed release of hazardous materials as a result of materials and processes and produced additional enhancements to the computer modelling algorithms.

In addition, the investigators made significant progress in technology transfer of the coating systems to industry. Specifically, three different corrosion protection materials were transferred to industry for testing, namely sol-gel–based lacquers, alternatives to hard chromium coatings and systems based on conductive polymers. All systems performed well. The best sol-gel lacquer systems are now commercially available and industrial up-scaling of processes for chromium substitutes was realised. Finally, the industrial partners began testing of the systems with demonstrators.

In summary, the Multiprotect project successfully developed new nanomaterials and processes for corrosion protection coatings that could save Europe’s aircraft, automotive and construction industries billions of euros in lost capital investment annually. In addition, the new coatings and processes are cost effective and free of hazardous heavy metals, a major boon for Europeans and the planet. Project outcomes have the potential to change the standards for corrosion coating technology and provide a serious competitive edge to numerous European industries that either manufacture coatings or use them on their products.

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