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Better shielding from electromagnetic interference

Interference from local electromagnetic (EM) fields, in particular with the tremendous increase in wireless devices combined with the increased sensitivity of digital devices, can wreak havoc on the functioning of electronic equipment. EU-funded researchers developed a novel gasket and seal system providing superior shielding at a reduced cost that promises to enhance the competitiveness of numerous European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Better shielding from electromagnetic interference
The ‘A novel gasket and seal system used for EMI shielding using double percolation of carbon nanotube technology to improve safety, profitability and productivity for SMEs’ (Emishield) project was designed to develop a low-cost, high performance, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional EM interference (EMI) gaskets and seals using cutting-edge carbon nanotube technology.

The researchers successfully developed a sealing gasket requiring fewer parts than the standard in use today while reducing the time spent on installation and maintenance. Such developments result in a significantly lower cost to the SME EMI shielding user
%In addition, the gasket has excellent physical properties regarding resistance to water and gas penetration as well as EMI damping in the frequency range required by 96 % of the SME market for commercial non-military shielding.

The Emishield product developed in collaboration with numerous European SME partners will enable the companies to capture new market share within their current sectors as well as to tap into new sectors thus increasing their competitiveness, in particular with respect to Asian and American enterprises.

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