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In support of the aeronautics industry

Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the aeronautics industry has led to the creation of strong partnerships and identified key areas in research.
In support of the aeronautics industry
The aeronautics industry is one of Europe's strongest, employing over 1 million people and buoying the continent's economy. The EU has supported many of the 7,000 SMEs in the aeronautics sector through its Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes (FP5 and FP6), particularly through funded programmes.

One of these is the EU-funded project 'Services for collaborative aeronautical technical research' (Scratch) which played a major role in funding SMEs in the sector. The project increased these businesses' awareness with respect to funding programmes and has helped them prepare proposals for Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) proposals. In particular, over the period of one year, Scratch helped SMEs identify research priorities, validate them and submit project proposals for funding under the EU's FP7. It also supported SMEs in building strong partnerships and project consortia.

Consortium partners in these EU-funded projects were able to support SMEs significantly through Scratch in many different EU countries and beyond. The project also featured partners from 14 European countries, among which a particular focus was on the EU New Member States of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

All the networking and results of the project were highlighted on its website, which was in operation during the project period and for a short while after. Scratch laid the foundations for strong partnerships in the field, funded projects and led the way to future funding initiatives under the EU's FP7.

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