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Harmonising food safety research across the globe

Meals are often memorable, but sometimes for the wrong reason. Getting sick from the food we eat is an increasingly common occurrence, but one EU-funded project is making sure we get the recipe for food safety just right.
Harmonising food safety research across the globe
In general, food used to be consumed fairly close to where it was produced. Globalisation has transformed even our eating habits as our local supermarkets now provide us with foods sourced from all over the world. Unfortunately, as our distance from the farm has increased, so too has the incidence of food poisoning.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with the foods they consume. In order to put their mind at ease, a global research initiative titled ‘Global platform on emerging risk in the food and feed chain’ (GO-Global) was conceived and put in motion. Funding was provided by the EU and helped bring together an international consortium representing 15 countries.

The challenge faced by the GO-Global participants was to synchronise the disparate efforts of research organisations spread across the globe. This was addressed by creating a collaborative network. Databases of scientists from all relevant disciplines, completed research projects and funding organisations were constructed during the project.

Yet GO-Global did not just target the academic community. Three seminars, two in India and one in Thailand, were organised to get industry and government agencies involved as well. The collective expertise of the participants was called upon to identify gaps in current knowledge and to define a research strategy to move forward.

An even wider audience was reached though the GO-Global website and GO-Global databases and information from the seminars were made available to the public while the project consortium has access to a number of useful communication tools. A project brochure has also been made available in several languages.

Thanks to GO-Global, our next meal should be one to remember… for all the right reasons.

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