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High frequency welding becomes highly efficient

A European consortium improved high frequency (HF) welding by developing a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective machine.
High frequency welding becomes highly efficient
Certain plastics with chemical dipoles, such as PVC, polyamides (PA) and acetates can be heated with HF electromagnetic waves. HF welding uses this property to soften the plastics for joining. To update the technique based on modern technology, give better energy efficiency and decrease electromagnetic radiation, the EU funded the project ‘New technique for radiation free energy saving and more versatile high frequency welding’ (Energy Saving Weld).

The overall aim was to develop a new technique with reduced electromagnetic radiation and energy consumption, while broadening the spectrum of materials that can be welded and enhancing the productivity of welding equipment.

Project partners developed a technical specification of a solid state HF generator with a theoretical energy efficiency of well over 70 % compared to the efficiency of today's vacuum tube generators that seldom reach over 50 %. The solid state HF generator was much smaller than conventional HF welding machines emitting about 40 % less electromagnetic radiation. Also, the energy consumption was reduced by 80 % making this new machine more cost effective.

Furthermore, the consortium tested several new materials which were found to be HF weldable, alongside others that required manipulation and additives such as HF active films or coatings.

The Energy Saving Weld project achieved its goals and produced a small, energy efficient, safer welding machine while expanding the list of materials that can be welded. Commercial exploitation of the HF solid state machine prototype will be beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) due to its cost effectiveness.

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