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HYWAYS — Result In Brief

Project ID: 502596
Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV
Country: Germany

The road to a hydrogen economy

Establishing a viable hydrogen economy across the EU has become an attainable objective in the medium term, thanks to a comprehensive road map on barriers, opportunities and the way forward.
The road to a hydrogen economy
Hydrogen-based energy is being seen as an important solution to the energy crisis, climate change and the challenge of sustainability. The EU-funded Hyways project addressed this issue with the proposal of a roadmap and action plan aimed at supporting the introduction of hydrogen into the energy equation. To achieve this, the project identified hydrogen energy chains – the use of solar, wind, nuclear or biomass energy for hydrogen production – and specified the most ideal ones for each EU nation. It then calculated energy use, emissions and costs of production within these chains.

Next, the project outlined the best ways to introduce hydrogen and the impact on industry, infrastructure, economy, society and environment. The specificities of each region were considered; this involved profiling the regions' barriers and opportunities, as well as infrastructure and energy system analysis. Other efforts in this direction included considering scenarios for the future until 2050 with respect to different uses of hydrogen energy (transport, home, etc.).

In summary, the project successfully delivered a valid European hydrogen energy roadmap ideal for all EU regions. It outlined technological and socioeconomic aspects of a hydrogen-based future with different scenarios and assumptions, identifying the required financial resources to achieve viability. Lastly, Hyways identified cost reductions and policy support as the two barriers for competitiveness and moving forward.

Long-term effectiveness was outlined for reducing emissions and major economic opportunities were highlighted for the transport and energy sectors. With investment in infrastructure, powerful deployment incentives and advanced research and technology support, the dream of a viable hydrogen economy could be achieved. The Hyways roadmap offers an excellent starting point to realise such a grand scheme.

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