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MATECO — Result In Brief

Project ID: 505928
Funded under: FP6-NMP
Country: France

New protective coatings for industry

Materials scientists have developed thin films that can better protect surfaces from wear and tear and corrosion. The EU-funded initiative used the latest technology and techniques to determine the best way to deposit the new coatings.
New protective coatings for industry
The ‘New coatings deposited by PACVD for corrosion protection’ (Mateco) project investigated new anti-corrosion coatings created by plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition (PACVD). The process deposits thin films from a gas state, in the form of a vapour, to a solid state on a substrate. The process is used to create high performance solid materials of great purity and is often employed by the semiconductor industry.

Multifunctional silicon-oxygen-nitrogen–based materials were developed that combined resistance to corrosion with decorative and anti-sticking properties. Creation of such a product required a detailed knowledge of the materials involved and the associated coating process. Researchers modelled the production and diffusion of plasma and the processes behind PACVD deposition in order to determine the relationship between properties and coatings. The processes were then developed and the PACVD deposition rate improved on.

Scientists also studied electrochemical, morphological and chemical characteristics so that the coating could meet the required criteria. These included homogeneity and protection from corrosion and wear, which makes it possible for the coatings to be used in the automotive, aeronautic and household appliance industries. Research was also carried out on the economic and environmental impact of recycling the coatings at the end of their life.

Mateco findings have led to new and improved coatings that will help European industry to compete successfully in the global marketplace.

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