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LIGBANK — Result In Brief

Project ID: 505267
Funded under: FP6-NMP

Europe's ligand bank

A new ligand bank for Europe has helped identify reagents and ligands that could benefit numerous applications in science.
Europe's ligand bank
The pharmaceutical and chemical industries rely heavily on catalytic processes that involve ligand additives with novel biochemical properties. The identification of new ligand additives that promote catalysis could be of great benefit to these industries.

With this in mind, the EU-funded project 'The European Ligand Bank: An innovation facility' (Ligbank) developed an independent research facility containing around 600 structurally diverse samples of ligand additives. This growing number of additives has been tested to obtain desired chemical reactions and promises to support the relevant industries in important ways. Already, the Ligand Bank has gone a long way in facilitating the identification of new catalytic protocols and reagents. One company is now producing a specific reagent commercially with other companies expected to follow suit.

In addition, the project led to securing 3 patents related to the Ligand Bank, as well as publishing 46 scientific papers and realising 63 presentations in more than 18 countries. Vigorous research partnerships involving academia and over 100 scientists have yielded more valuable research than initially envisioned at the project's onset. One of the project partners contributed sophisticated screening equipment which also helped the project to reach its objectives successfully.

This initiative was an excellent demonstration of the usefulness of ligand banks. Expectations are that in the future ligand banks will be an important part of furthering science and related industries, playing a strong role in strengthening the European Research Area (ERA).

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