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REACT — Result In Brief

Project ID: 516233
Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV

Getting a better sense of Europe’s traffic

An EU-funded project made headway in developing a communications, analysis and user interface system for enhancing traffic infrastructure efficiency and road user safety.
Getting a better sense of Europe’s traffic
'Realizing enhanced safety and efficiency in European road transport' (REACT) is a project that has made its own contribution towards Europe’s long-term vision of improved transport infrastructure efficiency and significant reductions in traffic deaths.

Work focused on developing and integrating state-of-the-art technologies to introduce mobile vehicles’ sensors to sense natural and infrastructure conditions, and transmit real-time data to a central server for analysis and communication to affected areas. The primary aim was to be able to generate safety alerts, speed and route recommendations, and relevant information for road and law enforcement authorities.

A system architecture and communication system were developed, with the latter involving the design of a communication system with vehicles and traffic management centres. A prototype and pilot in-vehicle telematics system was also designed for communicating with sensors and collecting information sent from distributed sensors.

Project partners developed real-time mobile sensors for measuring natural and infrastructure conditions. These included a visibility sensor for installation on board a test vehicle, a traffic sensor and a first version of a friction monitor. Other developments included a decision model for generating in-car recommendations to the driver, and prediction and decision-making models for the central server.

With regard to the decision-making simulations, the REACT team was able to realise an accident risk prediction model, develop traffic and route quality prediction models, and carry out software design of a graphical user interface for monitoring traffic states, traffic predictions and travel times.

Outcomes of the REACT project have the potential to favourably impact road transport efficiency and safety. Contributing to greater standardisation and harmonisation throughout Europe, results stand to greatly reduce traffic fatalities, especially outside urban areas where most traffic deaths take place.

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