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NANOFOREST — Result In Brief

Project ID: 505247
Funded under: FP6-NMP
Country: Sweden

Nanotech knocks on wood products

The forest industry might be the recipient of some good fortune if the latest nanotechnology advances are mapped and exploited to create better and more innovative products.
Nanotech knocks on wood products
Progressive nanotechnology applications can be harnessed to upgrade many industries, one of which is related to forest products, from cellulose and wood to packaging materials. There is a need however to map these cutting-edge developments in nanotechnologies that promise to advance the sector considerably. This was the objective of the EU-funded project 'A nanotechnology roadmap for the forest products industry' (Nanoforest).

The project worked diligently on investigating relationships between state-of-the-art nanotechnology and expected advances that could be applied to the forest products sector and industry. Its focus was on pulp, paper, board and other wood products, in addition to novel applications that exploit cellulose fibres.

Nanoforest subsequently focused on approaches to enhance performance of common end products, as well as on innovations related to new fibre-based platforms that would further materials production and packaging. The project called for the establishment of an exchange network of European scientists and stakeholders to boost work on nanotechnology in the industry and open up new possibilities. It also acknowledged the high cost involved in procuring equipment and hiring experts needed to further the new technology.

If the call for interdisciplinary research in this domain is heeded and if proper networking channels are established, the industry could benefit tremendously in a myriad of ways. On the ground, this will mean a number of new wood-related applications and products that will position Europe as a leader in the field.

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