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EMI-CD — Result In Brief

Project ID: 503269
Country: Germany

New software for the genetic road to sustainable health

Exploiting genetics effectively to help uncover the complexities of diseases could in turn lead to better treatments, potentially bringing relief to millions of people around the globe.
New software for the genetic road to sustainable health
Progress in genome research is increasing rapidly, with many hopes that it may unravel many complex human illnesses and develop new therapies or drugs to overcome them. This requires a deeper understanding of advanced bioinformatics, particularly metabolic processes and disease-relevant signalling pathways related to drug target validation.

The EU-funded project 'European modelling initiative combating complex diseases' (EMI-CD) worked on developing software and methods that would advance research in this area. It closely analysed new experiment measurements of biological processes to create effective biological networks using probabilistic learning methods.

After intensive simulation and modelling exercises, the project evaluated network hypotheses and was able to improve the design and verification of genetic research experiments. Through its strategy, the project built new software, methodology and tools that can handle new techniques for discovering gene function and unveiling disease processes.

Building on these strengths, EMI-CD successfully upgraded systems biology research, developing specific strategies that are now being exploited in disease applications across the EU. The key advantage of these strategies lies in combining information from various databases with the latest research data and different computer modelling approaches.

Other important advantages include model analysis methodology that supports bottom-up and top-down approaches, as well as multiple pathway resources that handle powerful computational modelling. More comprehensive databases for modelling involving transcriptomes, proteomics, reactome pathways and other important processes related to genome research have also been incorporated in the new methodology.

These advances will help the science of bioinformatics move forward rapidly and are expected to contribute to better healthcare in unprecedented ways.

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