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Food forum helps developing world

The EU has always strived to help developing countries meet their dietary needs by improving research in life sciences and biotechnology. The food forum has become an indispensable tool in this respect.
Food forum helps developing world
Burgeoning populations worldwide are prompting researchers to rethink agriculture and food strategies, opening the door to new solutions that involve biotechnology and other new concepts. The EU-funded project 'European action on global life sciences - food forum' (Eagles FOOD FORUM) investigated these research topics to overcome global challenges and address the needs of developing nations. The forum fostered dialogue among the public, media and policymakers involved in supporting developing countries.

Through the forum, the EU played a vital role in improving the capacity of developing countries in life sciences. The project also strengthened collaboration through joint EU-led projects, building bridges between developed and developing countries in education and innovation to address global challenges. The forum was also a platform to address regulatory and ethical issues in life science with respect to the needs of emerging and developing countries.

Eagles FOOD FORUM was successful in achieving its goals by organising three key scientific symposia, as well as workshops, conference sessions and two meetings within the European parliament itself. The project produced informative reports on food-related subjects and published an array of articles on the topic, ensuring promotion of its mandate through radio and television as well.

While more time and resources are needed to address an age-old problem that is only getting worse, Eagles FOOD FORUM has kick-started many positive initiatives in this direction. The project has garnered strong interest from international organisations and stakeholders from around the world. Its success has led it to develop its own funding and investment mechanisms, beyond its initial EU funding to carry on its noble vision for years to come.

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