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TRADEAG — Result In Brief

Project ID: 513666
Funded under: FP6-POLICIES
Country: France

In support of better trade

Studying trade agreements, tariffs, barriers and increasing regionalisation in the field can help EU governments and policymakers improve trade with the rest of the world.
In support of better trade
As the world becomes more regionalised and globalised, agricultural trade is evolving in terms of trade flows, trade agreements, restrictions and tariffs. The EU-funded project 'Agricultural trade agreements' (Tradeag) provided economic analyses to policymakers concerned with establishing current policies and conducting trade negotiations.

The project delivered tools to help understand the drivers of regionalisation, as well as assess openness, trade restrictiveness and protection of the EU compared to other developed countries. It also analysed challenges of preferential agreements with multilateral negotiations and with future agreements. Other issues examined include the effect of trade agreements on trade flows in the EU, non-tariff barriers, tariff escalation and past EU agreements.

Tradeag developed databases that help evaluate the effects of EU trade agreements on world trade and import/export activity, particularly in relation to partner countries in Africa and the Mediterranean region. It also conducted numerous analyses and comparisons with respect to preferential treatment, for example between Africa and the United States. Other important trade avenues probed were possible future agreements with South America and Russia.

Moreover, the project conducted case studies such as the impact of strengthening the Euro-Mediterranean and Balkan agreement on specific EU regions and sectors such as fruits and vegetables. These in-depth analyses and case studies are bound to help policymakers improve EU trade and upgrade competitiveness in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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