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TEDDY — Result In Brief

Project ID: 5216
Country: Italy

A European drug development network

The focus of the ‘Task-force in Europe for drug development for the young’ (TEDDY) project was the integration of the more advanced results of biomedicine, including genetic information, advanced therapies and introduction of new medicinal products into medical practice.
A European drug development network
The EU-funded TEDDY project supported a Network of Excellence in Europe that aimed to optimise paediatric use of current drugs and promote the development of new medicinal products tailored to children. Research into pharmaceuticals for children is the orphan of the sector and only around 30 % of the medicines currently available in Europe have been specifically studied for the paediatric population. The TEDDY initiative planned to pay attention to the specific needs of paediatric patients to avoid children being excluded as a result of rapid progress in the pharmaceutical industry.

Stakeholders active in both the drug development sector and paediatric clinical practice – including regulatory agencies and patients associations – participated in the project to attain common objectives. Over 1 000 registered contacts have been involved through TEDDY open conferences, ad hoc meetings and newsletters. TEDDY has also collaborated with the European Medicines Agency to implement the Paediatric Regulation and has produced many multifaceted results.

On the scientific side, TEDDY produced papers dealing with genome research, use of biomarkers, biotechnology, pharmacoepidemiology, adverse reactions related to medicines frequently used in children (pain, asthma, cough, etc.). The project has also created documents and recommendations for conducting paediatric clinical trials that comply with European ethics in research.

In addition, different tools have been developed in order to disseminate relevant paediatric information including a database that includes information on paediatric medicines approved in Europe to be used for children including indication, dosage, trials, etc.. For training, an e-learning course for professionals, industries and regulatory bodies illustrating the key aspects of drug development in children was organised. Information packages devoted to children and using tailored language and figures to explain, in a comprehensive way, the use of medicine for children is available on the TEDDY website.

After the end of the funding period, the 'Task-force in Europe for drug development for the young' has renewed itself and now TEDDY is operating as an independent multidisciplinary, multinational network including 18 centres in 11 EU and non EU-countries. The aim of this new network is to achieve the integration of drug-related research activities under one umbrella, implementing appropriate policies and promoting social awareness on medicines for children across Europe.

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