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Advanced design tool for the aerospace industry

Aerospace components are subjected to tremendous forces and loads under dynamically changing conditions. EU-funded scientists developed a design tool to solve complex design issues and ensure aeronautical compliance and safety.
Advanced design tool for the aerospace industry
Aeronautical components must be able to deform without failing, yet be adequately stiff to withstand external loads. The design of parts that are compliant with aeronautical specifications and regulations poses unique challenges and requires complex mathematics and engineering.

EU-funded researchers developed an advanced predictive software tool for aeronautical component design with funding of the ‘Synthesis of aeronautical compliant mechanical systems’ (Syncomecs) project.

After a full system specification, scientists developed numerical methods for optimisation of the multi-body analysis using a non-linear finite-element model (FEM) that breaks down the whole into tiny finite pieces.

The software can handle a system with one or more flexible components, determine if a solution is not possible given design specifications, and determine if multiple solutions are possible for a given design problem.

The Syncomecs tool is an integrated software environment for design and analysis of aeronautical-compliant mechanical systems. It has the potential to significantly increase competitiveness of the EU aerospace sector by reducing time and money while enhancing quality and performance.

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