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GABARDINE — Result In Brief

Project ID: 518118
Funded under: FP6-SUSTDEV
Country: Germany

Water sources for semi-arid areas

Semi-arid regions of the world could benefit from novel approaches to finding alternative sources of water that complement existing ones, supplying surrounding communities with much needed water.
Water sources for semi-arid areas
Cutting-edge technology holds much promise in helping more arid areas of the world find alternative sources of water to support communities, agriculture and local economies. The EU-funded project Gabardine exploited advanced integrated technologies and management systems to achieve this ambitious objective.

The project looked at how to augment current water resources in drier regions using a philosophy of integrated water resource management. It studied the feasibility of using aquifers to store water from alternative sources and defined techniques to accomplish this task, including monitoring of water quality and purification.

Moreover, through modelling and risk-mapping tools, Gabardine investigated the potential impact of factors that affect water resources, such as climate change, salinity and changes in water quality. Once this was completed, the project defined measures to address and pre-empt the impact of these issues among others.

After Gabardine had developed cutting-edge modelling tools, it conducted tests and evaluated alternative water sources in specific areas. The project team produced a useful database that summarised all the valuable project outcomes, which could now be used more effectively by end users and researchers.

These deliverables will also undoubtedly support all policymakers, including community stakeholders and citizens, in achieving local and global water management objectives and in breathing new life into semi-arid regions.

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