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Enhanced safety, and reliability of aircraft data

Air data equipment collects a variety of information vital to aircraft safety and performance. EU-funded scientists developed advanced technology that promises to enhance safety and reliability while reducing equipment costs.
Enhanced safety, and reliability of aircraft data
Numerous probes and sensors provide important aircraft information related to air speed, angle of attack, altitude and pressure. Loss of data, particularly due to icing of equipment, can result in system failure and loss of control of the aeroplane.

A European consortium sought to develop simpler, more reliable and safer equipment than currently commercially available with EU funding of the ‘Advanced air-data equipment for airliners’ (Adeline) project.

One route to simpler equipment was to reduce the number of probes from three to two. Development of new technology to reduce abrasion and ice adherence as well as to provide self-regulating components would enhance safety and reliability.

The consortium developed novel pressure sensor packaging to enable integration of the sensor with the probe, new probe materials and nanomaterials coatings and a novel self-regulated anti-icing technology based on special temperature sensors (positive temperature-coefficient, or PTC, thermistors).

Functional mock-up fabrication, ground tests and in-flight testing were all carried out successfully. Technical and economical feasibility studies support the potential of important decreases in equipment costs and air data system failure through implementation of Adeline technology.

Overall, the Adeline advanced air data system should provide an attractive alternative to current American systems that dominate the market, enhancing airline safety while boosting the competitiveness of the EU aerospace industry.

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