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MEDINDUS — Result In Brief

Project ID: 509159
Funded under: FP6-INCO

Clean water around the Mediterranean

A system with special receptors to identify and filter out contaminants from water could help several non-EU countries around the Mediterranean basin to provide needed clean water for communities.
Clean water around the Mediterranean
Populations in non-EU countries around the Mediterranean are growing exponentially, while water resources are becoming scarcer – not only due to population growth but also due to climate change. The EU-funded project 'Advanced technologies for treatment of industrial and coastal waters of the Mediterranean region' (MEDINDUS) sought to alleviate this shortage through innovative solutions.

MEDINDUS worked on developing advanced technology to treat industrial and coastal water so it can be used or reused effectively. It studied both wastewater and coastal water to develop new ways of removing harmful chemicals. The project also identified olive mills and tanneries as an important source of water pollution.

aArmed with this information and using computer modelling, project members synthesised structural and thermodynamic selective receptors that can identify pollutants effectively. These receptors were then integrated into systems that remove the pollutants and recycle them efficiently. Soil applied receptors were also considered to remove heavy metals, adding more value to the project.

Once the concept was completed, the project team conducted a cost analysis to highlight the costs involved for users and the return on investment. In parallel, MEDINDUS raised public awareness regarding water treatment through academic initiatives, radio talks, courses, publications and a global conference. It disseminated information about low-cost solutions that could be adopted for decontaminating water, bringing health and social benefits to non-EU nations across the Mediterranean basin.

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