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BIOSHARE-EU — Result In Brief

Project ID: 261433
Funded under: FP7-HEALTH
Country: Netherlands

Analysis of harmonised biobank data to empower research

An EU-funded project is advancing medical research, clinical science and personalised medicine by pooling data from multiple biobanks and cohort studies. The result is standardisation and harmonisation of data on life-style, environmental and clinical risk factors as well as health outcomes.
Analysis of harmonised biobank data to empower research
Advanced medical research depends on large-scale pooled analysis of high-quality data from many biobanks and cohort studies. To make such research possible, it is necessary to assess and regulate collection, storage, management and interpretation of the data and bio-samples across existing biobanks.

The project BIOSHARE-EU (Biobank standardisation and harmonisation for research excellence in the European Union) studied and documented the Ethical, Legal and Social issues (ELSI) related to data sharing between biobanks/ cohort studies across Europe.

BIOSHARE-EU developed a wide range of tools for data description and presentation. The focus was also on sharing, analysis, and contributor recognition of information. They successfully developed methods for effective pooling of data and determined key parameters of lifestyle, social circumstances and environment, as well as health outcomes.

A selection of the tools for data harmonisation, data sharing and federated analysis – most notably DataSHAPER, OPAL, Mica and DataSHIELD – were used in the scientific projects under the umbrella of BIOSHARE-EU, most important of which is the Healthy Obese Project. This initiative studied the prevalence and determinants of the 'healthy obese' phenotype. Another key project was the 'Environmental Determinants of Health' project, studying the relationship between exposure to noise and air pollution to health outcomes.

A total of 13 biobanks/cohort studies participated in this initiative, helping improve the tools. This has advanced our understanding of the effect of life-style and other risk factors for health and disease. How best to measure specific lifestyle and exposure risk factors and health outcomes was also investigated.

Dissemination of project results included expert meetings, presentations, publications, newsletters, tutorials and films. Although commercial exploitation is not anticipated, the potential applications are of high value for stakeholders, particularly for further development and research.

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