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The material of success – graphene

Graphene is one of the most unique materials around and, hence, has a wide spectrum of potential applications and uses. An EU-funded project is helping young researchers to build up promising careers in this field.
The material of success – graphene
Derived from graphite, graphene is a wonder material. One-atom thick, it is an excellent semiconductor and possesses unique optical qualities. It has a thermal conductivity better than carbon nanotubes and diamonds, is 100 times stronger than steel, and is one of the toughest materials ever tested.

With EU funding, 'Graphene-organic hybrid architectures for organic electronics: A multisite training action' (GENIUS) has established an Initial Training Network (ITN) mainly to help young researchers get ahead in this promising, yet demanding field.

Given the crossover nature of this field, the ITN provides multidisciplinary training opportunities in supra-molecular chemistry, materials, nanoscience, physics and engineering at seven leading European research organisations.

GENIUS recruited 13 early-stage researchers (ESRs) and 3 experienced researchers, including 7 from outside the EU, with plans to take on another 4 in the future. The project has organised numerous workshops and events for the fellows, who also attended international conferences and gatherings. Up to December 2012, the fellows had published 26 papers in leading scientific journals.

The know-how and skills gathered during the GENIUS project — which runs until 2014 — will help these ESRs develop successful careers in the field of graphene and its applications. It will also promote technology and knowledge transfer between European research bodies.

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