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FUNCMLFS — Result In Brief

Project ID: 268307
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE
Country: Turkey

Novel materials with biological properties

Recent years have witnessed tremendous progress in biomedical engineering with the generation of novel synthetic coatings. European scientists extended the applications of this technology for drug delivery.
Novel materials with biological properties
The layer-by-layer (LbL) self-assembly technique is a powerful and attractive tool for biomedical applications. A wide range of natural and synthetic polymers such as nanoparticles can be deposited in layers, which associate through molecular interactions. The properties of each layer can be controlled by the nature of film components, pH, ionic strength or temperature. Overall, LbL is a simple and low-cost approach that can be exploited in drug delivery.

The primary goal of the EU-funded FUNCMLFS (Functional multilayer films) project was to introduce functionality to polymer multilayer films and understand the relationship between structure and property. In particular, they were interested in discovering the intermolecular interactions at surfaces, the effects of physicochemical parameters on the assembly process as well as identify means of controlled release of functional molecules from surfaces.

Scientists generated films containing membrane like structures that responded to alterations in pH or temperature to release functional molecules from the surface. This attribute is particularly suitable for the acidic nature of cancer tissues and infection-induced local pH drops in the body. To fight bacteria, they produced multi-layer films with dual surface functionalities that displayed bacterial anti-adhesive and anti-bacterial properties.

The fundamental knowledge generated during this project may serve as a basis for the development of more advanced coatings for biological applications. Given that a significant number of patients are affected by hospital-acquired infections every year, the FUNCMLFS deliverables could serve as coating material for medical implants or devices.

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Layer-by-layer, self-assembly, polymer, film, pH, temperature, cancer, infection
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