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Tailor-made materials from novel chemical designs

EU researchers have developed a novel way of making functional materials by using the controlled assembly of coordination polymers. They have also increased current knowledge of new magnetic materials for future information technologies.
Tailor-made materials from novel chemical designs
Coordination cluster polymers exhibiting magnetic properties are important materials because of their potential in the development of intelligent multifunctional materials such as magnetic sensors. These polymers are built up from magnetic polynuclear coordination clusters.

However, the controlled integration of the individual cluster properties into those of the final, networked system represents multiple challenges. Solving these problems was the aim of the 'Magnetic coordination cluster polymers' (POLYMAG) project, funded by the EU.

The project's main objectives were the development of novel cluster-based materials with exceptional magnetic properties. Other project aims included examining the structural, magnetic and thermal properties of both the prepared clusters and the coordination polymers they were based on.

To achieve these goals, POLYMAG developed practical and broadly applicable approaches for the synthesis of clusters and cluster-based coordination polymers. These methods included the use of conventional solution chemistry and novel synthetic procedures.

Clusters and coordination cluster polymers that were produced by the POLYMAG project were investigated using a range of physicochemical methods so as to characterise their chemical composition and their structural and electronic/magnetic properties. A single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis was used for the structural characterisation of all prepared materials.

By the end of the project, POLYMAG had developed a library of synthetic pathways, and provided an understanding of the correlation between the structure and properties of clusters and cluster-based polymer systems. Tailor-made polymer systems can be applied in numerous important fields such as catalysis, pharmaceuticals, and solid-state materials used in electronics, optics and telecommunications.

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