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Expanding on philosophical inquiry

Research into scepticism, metaphysics and sciences aimed at enhancing our understanding of the connection between scepticism and metaphysics at the beginning of the Common Era. The approach covered the three topics of the principles of sciences, parts and wholes, and space and time.
Expanding on philosophical inquiry
The 'Scepticism, metaphysics and sciences' (SMS) project undertook a systematic analysis of relevant texts. Results and findings have been presented and discussed at seminars in Paris and at international conferences in Geneva, Leuven, Liege, Oxford, Paris and Venice.

Study of the discussions and examinations of the opposing thoughts of scepticism and dogmatism concerning the principles of sciences culminated in two article publications and a book contribution. Research into the connections between scepticism and metaphysics also helped prepare a new English introduction, translation and commentary of Sextus Empiricus' treatise 'Against the Arithmeticians'. The manuscript proposal for this volume has been accepted for review by Brill's editorial board with a view to publication in the series 'Philosophia Antiqua'. Project inquiry also resulted in another article, 'Sextus, the Dyad and the Phaedo', to be published as part of the 'Ancient Readings of Plato's Phaedo'.

Overall, the project's study efforts strengthened the philological approach to studying ancient texts, and highlighted inadequacies of the standard edition of Sextus' opus. This prompted SMS to outline a separate project for a new edition of Sextus; it is considered of major importance for the history of ancient philosophy, and the proposal for such a publication is likely to be well received.

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