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Easy access to eco research and funding

Tidy summaries of interesting eco-innovative research on the INNOVATIONSEEDS website are at the ready. Generating awareness of the latest eco-innovative solutions, the ECO-PRO website also highlights funding opportunities and policy measures.
Easy access to eco research and funding
Financially supported by the EU Commission, the ECO-PRO project used and continues to use social media very effectively to spread new research. The latest eco-news can be accessed by joining the community on the website, following the INNOVATIONSEEDS Twitter account, or joining the LinkedIn group Green Knowledge for Industry and Politics.

The website is easy to use for the largest audience possible including business leaders, technology users, policymakers and research teams. An area of interest can be accessed by category, location or stage of the research.

Creative solutions to everyday problems or even industry-wide issues are available by using the research and development presented. Media professionals including producers, editors and journalists can find up-to-date material in a visual format for easy dissemination and use in programme segments.

The website consists of four different categories of information. There is a library of case studies, a financing library, a case studies library supporting the development and diffusion of eco-innovation topics, and an information list on a variety of networks that are active in eco-innovation domains worldwide. The key strength is the ability to search by categories and keywords in all libraries. Polished articles with webinars and professionally presented videos support the social media and brokerage events.

Project members developed two key results with business potential. First, they developed the methodology for structuring and packaging research dissemination and design knowledge, named Knowledge3. Secondly they built the e-platform INNOVATIONSEEDS with results organised in line with the Knowledge3 methodology.

From raising awareness about their own endeavours to using the database for research, the EU researcher can benefit from ECO-PRO. The website bridges the gap between newly created companies that might have licensed technology and the people eager to use and develop the latest research.

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