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Optimised crisis and emergency management solutions to keep Europe safe

To increase the safety of European citizens, technical and organisational tools that greatly improve crisis and emergency management are needed. An EU initiative worked on systems to make emergency services technologies more interoperable.
Optimised crisis and emergency management solutions to keep Europe safe
Better organisation may help emergency workers and agencies to be more effective. Organisations and technologies would benefit from planned interoperability. Better agency and personnel cooperation potentially means more effective operations.

The EU-funded BRIDGE (BRIDGE: Bridging resources and agencies in large-scale emergency management) project set out to build a system supporting interoperability during large emergencies.

Project partners developed solutions that significantly improve crisis and emergency management. This helps to ensure interoperability, harmonisation and cooperation among stakeholders at technical and organisational levels. Specifically, they delivered resilient ad hoc network infrastructures that focus on requirements resulting from emergency scenarios, and generic, extensible middleware to integrate data sources, networks and systems. The context management system fosters data interoperability and provides meaningful, reliable information.

The BRIDGE team addressed technical interoperability through organisational harmonisation. It provided methods and tools that support run-time intra- and inter-agency collaboration, a model-based automated support system combined with scenario-based training, and an agent-based dynamic workflow composition and communication support system.

Lastly, researchers developed intelligent human-computer interaction models to make data for crisis response systems usable. They introduced adaptive, multi-modal user interfaces, novel stationary and mobile interaction techniques, and approaches on how to raise awareness through visualisation of ad hoc networks.

BRIDGE developed the means and tools for more effective crisis management in the event of large-scale emergencies. The project outcomes help emergency and rescue services to all work together more efficiently while making the best use of novel technologies.

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