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IMPACT-AE — Result In Brief

Project ID: 265586
Funded under: FP7-TRANSPORT
Country: Germany
Domain: Industry, Energy

Smart design technology for eco-friendly aircraft engines

An EU initiative improved the design process for low-emission combustors for aero engines, which will dramatically reduce development time.
Smart design technology for eco-friendly aircraft engines
The EU-funded IMPACT-AE (Intelligent design methodologies for low pollutant combustors for aero-engines) project set out to develop and validate smart design systems for highly efficient aero engine combustors centred on lean-burn engines. This was based on the concept that excess air introduced into the engine will lower the temperature of the combustion process. This in turn will reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced.

Project partners delivered novel combustor design methodologies for advanced engine architectures and thermodynamic cycles. They developed and validated design methods for low-emission combustors to reduce NOx and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. This was done by optimising the combustor aero design process.

Specifically, the developed methodologies and methods were introduced to the combustor design process. The two design methods are knowledge-based tools that were used in the design process and advanced computational fluid dynamics techniques to improve prediction of emissions and wall temperatures.

The IMPACT-AE team devised methods to improve combustor wall cooling concepts. It improved and developed tools to design and plan the combustor wall cooling. Rapid prototype techniques were evaluated to manufacture wall cooling parts.

Researchers developed new diagnostics methods to validate improved or new combustion concepts. They obtained detailed velocity and emission measurements.

Lastly, the performance of the low-emission design concepts was successfully demonstrated. Results show improvements of up to 50 % for combustors with respect to NOx emissions. The IMPACT-AE technology can now be introduced into new aero engine combustors.

IMPACT-AE developments will significantly reduce the time required for developing combustors by half compared to other state-of-the-art processes. It will also help reduce CO and NOx emissions and pollution, while enabling European manufacturers to compete more effectively with global competitors.

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Low-emission combustors, aero engines, IMPACT-AE, combustor wall cooling
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