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CANNAPE — Result In Brief

Project ID: 284663
Funded under: FP7-TRANSPORT

EU–Canada aerospace partnerships fly high

Enhanced networking between Canada and Europe in the aerospace industry has paved the way for cutting-edge projects related to the sector, benefiting industry, economy and society.
EU–Canada aerospace partnerships fly high
Canada’s industry has a strong and established place in aeronautics that could benefit from EU collaboration and sharing its expertise with European counterparts. The EU-funded project 'Canadian networking aeronautics project for Europe' (CANNAPE) enhanced cooperation between Canada and the EU in aeronautics and air transport research and development. CANNAPE worked on improving EU/Canadian cooperation in aeronautics research under innovation-led EU-funded projects, using many networks that were led by 5 key Canadian partners and 14 European ones.

The project reviewed the needs of the aerospace industry to identify common areas of interest and benefit. It created a strong, overall network that prioritised key topics for possible collaboration, and built a database of Canadian organisations and capabilities. Main areas for potential collaboration covered the ACARE high level objectives, i.e. greener air transport, greater time efficiency, customer satisfaction, safety, cost efficiency and pioneering air transport.

Importantly, the project team developed a cooperation plan for the future in line with the vision of the EU's Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, outlining achievable objectives. This would involve enabling key Canadian partners and organisations, including networks and clusters from the aeronautical industry, research organisations, universities, regions, provinces and government, to work with European partners in the future.

CANNAPE achieved its aims by developing networks and partnerships through the organisation of workshops in Canada and Europe. It also created dedicated areas for its endeavours on existing websites in both regions of the world along with a project website to enhance networking.

Starting from a level of no involvement, a major outcome of this project was to have a significant number of proposals with Canadian partners, submitted under the last 2 Calls of FP7. This resulted in several, successful projects, including ones of high Technical Readiness Level. Overall, CANNAPE has acted as a catalyst to outline common collaboration areas, identify barriers, and enhance research and technology development.

Key impacts were increased awareness within the EU research community regarding opportunities in Canadian research and innovation programmes related to aeronautics, and increased involvement of influential Canadian organisations that can facilitate collaboration. CANNAPE has supported trans-Atlantic collaboration and has contributed to tackling the specific global challenges faced by both countries. Stronger aeronautics industries and improved air transport are set to emerge from this budding partnership.

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