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Technology improves management of zoos and parks

Small businesses have a number of options and solutions available to them for facilitating their management and promotion. EU-funded researchers have built on these to produce a resource-planning tool catering specifically for animal and theme parks.
Technology improves management of zoos and parks
As in any other small business, personnel at zoos and parks are required to carry out everyday administrative operations and use systems that they may not be familiar with. With this in mind, the project 'Management and leisure middleware for theme parks and zoo' (GEEWHEZ) has developed a platform that simplifies such activities. The multipurpose distributed platform has simple interfaces that allow management of the entire zoo or park through a single access point.

The GEEWHEZ platform comprises a video surveillance system, a water-monitoring system, a leisure system and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) add-on. Video surveillance allows access points to different areas to be monitored, and helps control security. The water-monitoring system ensures the safety of marine animals thanks to continuous checks on the equipment and the water quality in their pools.

Taking care of data delivery, for both visitors and zookeepers, the leisure system enables peer-to-peer communication between the server and users’ smartphones. Completely merged with the middleware, this system uses data published by the other add-ons to keep visitors and personnel informed about the status of the zoo or park.

The GEEWHEZ ERP centralises business data and procedures by enabling information sharing in electronic or paper format. It has capabilities for reporting, analysis and planning in support of optimal animal and theme park (ATP) management.The innovative system allows for data sharing among the several departments, providing the information needed to manage and promptly solve problems related to the overall infrastructure.

Each department has a specialised and user-friendly interface, in line with necessary security and safety levels. This guards against, for example, any violations related to the water-monitoring system.

As a fully integrated and enterprise-wide management system, the GEEWHEZ platform enables ATPs to resolve issues within the context of the micro enterprise's particular needs. This removes the need for costly outsourcing.

Implementation of this unique system architecture offers added value for visitors by enhancing their overall ATP experience. Combined with smoother management of all necessary functions, the GEEWHEZ platform is set to boost the competitiveness of these small enterprises.

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