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New 3D interface for security operators

An EU-project developed a software interface for security system consoles. The virtual 3D display technology helps monitor scenes and provides sensor alerts; the tools also integrate with external video devices and existing systems.
New 3D interface for security operators
Security console operators may have to monitor visual and other data of great complexity, and the demands of such work are increasing. Improved software interfaces may help operators keep track of important information and aid with threat detection.

Funded by the EU, the project 'Surveillance platform based on multi-source video analytics, localized data and cognitive interfaces' (SV3D) developed such an interface. The six-member consortium aimed to create the technology needed to provide surveillance operators with a virtual 3D display, consisting of scene activity and sensor alerts.

The system was intended to be an integrated security platform, incorporating satellite positioning information and 3D coordinate treatment. The software was designed for interoperability with legacy equipment. Innovations included video calibration tools and various improvements for detection and tracking of people. SV3D ran for 20 months to the end of January 2013.

SV3D's final system is flexible, modular, extensible and standard. The technology incorporates 3D localisation data into a surveillance system's processing chain. Additional components include external video cameras and recorders, video analytics systems, a system manager, and various other video encoding and visualisation sub-systems.

Achievements included: an updated and integrated version of the final architecture, and a search and forensic sub-system including engines for alarm, action and replay. The software evaluates operators' cognitive and perceptual workloads, plus learning patterns. Capabilities include ability to track moving people or objects using a motorised PTZ camera.

Testing of prototype interoperability revealed a number of issues, which were addressed and improved. Full testing results were detailed in a report.

The project also conducted planning for dissemination, market analysis and commercial exploitation.

SV3D yielded a novel system for video surveillance, which incorporates spatial localisation into existing software components. The operator's tasks are improved and simplified, aiding detection of alarms plus detection and tracking of people.

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