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Climate change and Carbon cycle research (3)
Coordination and Cooperation (1036)
Earth Sciences (3)
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Innovation and Technology Transfer (284)
Life Sciences (790)
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Meteorology (1)
Nanotechnology and Nanosciences (2)
Other Energy Topics (1)
Policies (2)
Regional Development (1)
Renewable Sources of Energy (1)
Safety (1)
Scientific Research (1919)
Social sciences and humanities (378)
Space and satellite research (1)
Veterinary and animal sciences (1)
Water resources and management (1)


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Belarus (1)
Belgium (102)
Bolivia (1)
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Historicizing Reproduction
[PROJECT] Reproduction - Historicizing Reproduction
ID: 623673
Start date: 2015-03-01, End date: 2018-02-28
The aim of this project is to historizise the shifts and moves reproduction underwent from a concept that described a pregiven capacity fixed in “life” and defining matter as “living” to a capacity apprehended through technoscience and open to transformation. It focuses on th...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 185952
Last updated on: 2016-03-31
Establishing of a novel technology platform for bio-based mineral processing: Development of peptides as agents for the separation of rare earth minerals via bio-flotation
ID: 623744
Start date: 2015-03-01, End date: 2017-02-28
The MinePep project is addressing the development of an innovative, clean process for the recovery of raw materials from primary and secondary sources. Processes for a sustainable recovery of raw materials are an urgent need in Europe in order to ensure the availability of st...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 185962
Last updated on: 2017-08-27
Graphene Based Active Metamaterials
[PROJECT] GRAB-A-META - Graphene Based Active Metamaterials
ID: 626184
Start date: 2015-03-01, End date: 2017-02-28
This proposed Fellowship is aimed at developing active control of optical properties that may not be found in nature by synergising the “graphene metamaterials” technology invented at the applicant’s institute in Korea and the “novel design of metamaterials with unnatural pro...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 192503
Last updated on: 2017-07-02
Activity-Dependent Maturation of Inhibitory Processing in the Spinal Dorsal Horn
ID: 624861
Start date: 2015-03-01, End date: 2018-10-01
In the early postnatal period neonates are particularly sensitive to touch, often responding with exaggerated reflexes and whole-body movements to an isolated cutaneous stimulus. This suggests a predominance of excitation over inhibition in spinal sensory networks, which may ...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 189910
Last updated on: 2017-04-03
Development of biodegradable conducting scaffolds for treating peripheral nerve lesions taking into account the influence of mechanical vibrations on neurons regeneration in tissue engineering
ID: 622362
Start date: 2015-02-27, End date: 2018-06-27
The proposed project aims to develop engineered biodegradable conducting 3D scaffolds capable of promoting neuronal survival, as well as axon extension and guidance, for treating peripheral nerve lesions. Current approaches focus on the sensitivity of neurons to the surroundi...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 185786
Last updated on: 2016-02-18
Characterization of epithelial wound repair at the molecular level for revealing epithelial aspects of inflammatory bowel disease
ID: 625238
Start date: 2015-02-26, End date: 2017-06-01
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affects millions of people worldwide. The incidence and the prevalence are rising every year. This chronic disease not only decreases patient's quality of life but also creates a huge socio-economic burden for society. For establishment of a c...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 186157
Last updated on: 2017-11-20
Stochastic Parametrizations in Complex Systems
ID: 626210
Start date: 2015-02-25, End date: 2018-02-24
Our society increasingly relies on numerical atmospheric models to predict extreme events such as intense storms or rare flow regime changes such as those leading to heat waves. Yet, how well these events can be reproduced with those models is currently unknown. In this proje...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 186282
Last updated on: 2017-05-29
Mid-Infrared Fibre Lasers
[PROJECT] MIDFIL - Mid-Infrared Fibre Lasers
ID: 911333
Start date: 2015-02-24, End date: 2016-02-23
The key goal of MIDIR project is the knowledge transfer from the Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow Dr J. Li with strong background in fibre laser science and technology and unique knowledge and skills in the specific area of mid-infrared (mid-IR) fibre lasers to the E...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 105839
Last updated on: 2016-09-19
Silicon carbon oxide minerals at extreme pressure and temperature conditions
ID: 622439
Start date: 2015-02-23, End date: 2018-02-22
The objective of this research project is to synthesize Si-C-O-based minerals under extreme pressures and temperatures (several tens of GPa and thousands of degrees) and study in situ their structure stability and physical properties at Earth’s mantle conditions. Experiments ...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 185790
Last updated on: 2017-03-27
Electrophilic Indoles for the Enantioselective Synthesis of Benzofuroindolines related to Diazonamide A
ID: 623422
Start date: 2015-02-19, End date: 2017-02-18
The objectives of this project are the development of A new and efficient asymmetric oxidative coupling reaction between phenols and indoles for the synthesis of benzofuroindolines analogs of diazonamide A and the biological evaluation of a library of this family of compounds...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 185915
Last updated on: 2017-05-29
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