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Fibrin sealant for anastomotic leaks and haemostasis
ID: 787441
Start date: 2018-04-01, End date: 2020-03-31
Sealantium Medical Ltd is developing a novel product, sFilm-FS, a bio-compatible bio-absorbable, polymeric film embeddedwith lyophilized Human Fibrinogen, Human Thrombin and calcium chloride. This novel product aimed to help controllingbody fluid leakage in general surgery...
Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.4.
Record Number: 216172
Last updated on: 2018-06-28
Eco-efficient and Healthy Commercial Deep Fryer
ID: 805754
Start date: 2018-02-01, End date: 2019-08-31
Deep fryers are essential for restaurant and food companies, however they: Are energy inefficient (
Programme: H2020-EU.3.2.4.
Record Number: 216350
Last updated on: 2018-06-28
Normothermic Perfusion Device for Renal and Hepatic Preservation and Viability Assessment
ID: 804252
Start date: 2018-06-01, End date: 2020-11-30
EBERS is a leading company in the field of bioreactors and cell culture systems, with a wide international presence in Europe, USA, Australia, and Asia. In the NORMOPERF project we go a step further by targeting the organ transplantation field by bringing to the healthcare...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.1.3.
Record Number: 216349
Last updated on: 2018-06-28
Disrupting the European domestic space heating market with the lowest cost, energy-efficient Gas Heat Pump
ID: 806766
Start date: 2018-07-01, End date: 2020-06-30
Swedish SaltX, a listed 5m EUR revenue company, has identified a growth opportunity in the 7m units/yr European domestic space heating appliance market to deploy its patent protected storage technology SaltX. Experts forecast fast traction for gas heat pumps (GHP) in this...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.
Record Number: 216354
Last updated on: 2018-06-28
Retinal imaging prevention and early detection of chronic diseases
ID: 806245
Start date: 2018-06-01, End date: 2020-05-31
The overall objective of the RETINAL initiative of ULMA Embedded Solutions is to develop non-invasive and cost-effective tools with capacity for prevention and/or early detection of various diseases related to NCD complications, by analyzing the changes in the microvasculature...
Programme: H2020-EU.2.1.1.
Record Number: 216353
Last updated on: 2018-06-28
Future Advanced system for an on-demand Insurance Reliable product based on driving behaviour analysis
ID: 805970
Start date: 2018-04-01, End date: 2020-03-31
The world is shifting to a new business model, were customers have changed their purchasing path: they are happier subscribing to the outcomes they want, when they want, rather than purchasing a product with the burden of ownership. Consumers today have new expectations; they...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.6.
Record Number: 216352
Last updated on: 2018-06-28
Precise subarea specific irrigation and fertilization system
ID: 793325
Start date: 2018-04-01, End date: 2020-03-31
Competitive global markets, rising fertilizer and energy costs, and growing uncertainties in water availability, due to a more and more uneven rainfall distribution, impose serious challenges on the European agricultural producers. Besides, wastes from farms with high nutrient...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.2.4.
Record Number: 215150
Last updated on: 2018-06-07
Delivering BEACON Caresystem – a ground-breaking ICT-enabled ICU bed-side assistant providing recommenda-tions for critical mechanical ventilation support for better care and reduced costs.
ID: 804955
Start date: 2018-04-01, End date: 2020-03-31
We are Mermaid Care - provider of leading ICT-based care systems for optimizing Ventilation Management within the Intensive Care Units (ICU) and anesthesia segment. ICUs are some of the most resource-demanding hospital units consuming 20% of all hospital costs. A major...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.1.4.
Record Number: 215861
Last updated on: 2018-06-06
FS MARINE+: Hydrogen syngas injection unit for ships to save fuel and cut emissions
ID: 806083
Start date: 2018-05-01, End date: 2020-04-30
FS MARINE+ is the world's first hydrogen-powered engine assistant unit for ships. The patented hydrogen generator produces a proprietary synthetic gas that is injected into a ship's engines to significantly improve combustion efficiency.FS MARINE+ has been proven to reduce net...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.
Record Number: 215868
Last updated on: 2018-06-06
Disrupting the global e-mobility sector by production of application-specific rotors for the automotive industry with an innovative and unique vertical laminar squeeze-casting process
ID: 806095
Start date: 2018-04-01, End date: 2020-03-31
Breuckmann is a traditional casting company, which was founded in 1966. The company is worldwide known as specialist for casting in metallic moulds at temperatures >1000°C and developed to one of the most innovative casting companies in Europe.In recent years, Breuckmann...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.4.
Record Number: 215869
Last updated on: 2018-06-06
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