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Recherche sur les changements climatiques et le cycle du carbone (73)
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To develop and demonstrate non-intrusive measurement and 2D tomography of nvPM/soot and CO2 concentrations in aero-engine exhaust. Validation of the technology will require measurement of representative lean burn combustion emissions conditions and supporting data analysis...
Record Number: 702459
To develop and demonstrate high-performance material and associated manufacturing processes for journal bearings in a lightweight aero-engine epicyclic gear box supporting planet gears under high loads and speeds. Validation of the technology will require representative...
Record Number: 702461
Improvements in tiltrotor performance can be reached with a reliable real-time monitoring of proprotor flapping angle. To overcome reliability and durability limitations due to the challenging operating environment, especially in terms of vibrations, the present topic relates...
Record Number: 702466
This project within the Fast Rotorcraft development consists of the design, manufacturing, assembly and documentation of the helicopter sub systems Emergency Exits and Cabin Footstep for Search and Rescue missions. Moreover, the support during final assembly line and flight...
Record Number: 702469
The aim of the project is to experimentally evaluate long-term durable coatings mainly suitable for micro-perforated hybrid laminar flow surfaces concerning their behaviour against insect contamination occurring during flight. In the first phase hydrophobic or...
Record Number: 702477
The objective of this topic is to propose new fins and overall structures predictive models or laws (thermal and pressure drop) to be used for complex compact heat exchanger design including the one obtained by additive manufacturing. Characterization and experimental...
Record Number: 702478
The main objectives for this topic for proposal are: • To demonstrate the torsional and bending stiffness of the HLFC Leading Edge configurations by experimental testing. • To develop a test monitoring system based on novel technologies for specimen control during torsion...
Record Number: 702479
The topic aims at defining new type of connectors addressing Modular, low cost and high density connection for avionics application. These new connectors will be designed, manufactured and tested onto a Remote Data Power Cabined studied in the frame of the Platform 3 of LPA...
Record Number: 702491
To design, develop and manufacture a demonstrator of Low Power De-Icing System, including the leading edge wing section where it will be installed. The demonstrator will be tested up to TRL 5 in a IWT (not part of this Topic); the Applicant shall also assure the support to...
Record Number: 702493
The topic calls for deployment and validation of at least 10 Fuel Cell urban garbage trucks. The trucks will be operated in different European cities willing to improve their urban logistics via the utilization of innovative solutions. They should be deployed covering at least...
Record Number: 702591
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