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Le informazioni sui progetti di Orizzonte 2020 e ora anche le relative sintesi delle relazioni sono disponibili su CORDIS. Tutti i progetti H2020 possono essere scaricati dal Portale Open Data dell'UE .

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The purpose of this demonstration is to demonstrate: Use of RNP procedures to enable IFR approaches at airports where landing aids do not currently exist to support landings to ILS Cat II/III equivalent minima; and Use of flight-deck vision-support systems which, when...
Record Number: 702382
The action should lead to substantially increasing the use of Earth observing capabilities and supporting application systems to produce timely, objective, reliable, and transparent crop and livestock production projection at the national and regional level for the African...
Record Number: 701975
The proposals should explore opportunities to increase the use of innovative technologies in all fisheries-related activities, including the extractive sector, the collection of data and information and the monitoring of compliance with the rules. Proposals should assess the...
Record Number: 702076
Proposals under this action should bring bioeconomy research and innovation closer to the EU citizens to show the potential economic, environmental and social impact of the bioeconomy. A series of communication activities around Europe at local level (for example in the form...
Record Number: 702310
The aim of this research should be to apply genomics and/or other –omics and/or other high-throughput approaches for the molecular characterisation of rare diseases in view of developing molecular diagnoses for a large number of undiagnosed rare diseases. Undiagnosed rare...
Record Number: 701969
Proposals must focus on mental disorders as defined by the WHO (see above), and must focus on implementation research in LMIC, and/or in vulnerable populations in HIC. Proposals must build on interventions with promising or proven effectiveness (including cost-effectiveness)...
Record Number: 701984
Proposals should pool the necessary financial resources from the participating national (or regional) research programmes with a view to implementing a joint call for proposals resulting in grants to third parties with co-funding in this area.This call should aim at...
Record Number: 701986
Development of new and/or optimized tank geometries having the same storage performance and providing an enhanced integration in the car space at a comparable price. The storage density shall be 0.023Kg/L or higher. The cost target for a production of 30,000 parts per year...
Record Number: 702394
The objectives of this project dealing with either transport or energy pillars and PEMFC or SOFC technology may include:(1) Identification of degradation mechanisms and quantification of degradation on aged stack components (bipolar plates, electrodes, gas diffusion layers...
Record Number: 702415
The objective of the project is the design, development and demonstration under realistic operating conditions (TRL5-6) of an autonomous electric power generation system for non-intrusive applications for auxiliary or emergency power generation.The consortium should be...
Record Number: 702586
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