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Community Networks Testbed for the Future Internet
ID: 288535
Data rozpoczęcia: 2011-10-01, Data zakończenia: 2015-09-30
Community networks are an emerging and successful model for the Future Internet across Europe and far beyond. The CONFINE project complements existing FIRE infrastructure by establishing a new facility built on the federation of existing community IP networks constituted by m...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 100768
Last updated on: 2017-04-22
Mobile Empowerment for the Socio-Economic Development in South Africa
ID: 611796
Data rozpoczęcia: 2013-10-01, Data zakończenia: 2015-11-30
Mobile empowerment based on mobile technologies allows the development and implemen-tation of new business models and new business opportunities targeting micro enterprises and their customers in developing countries like South Africa.The goal of MOSAIC 2B is to develop and t...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 111091
Last updated on: 2017-04-22
VOIce-based Community-cEntric mobile Services for social development
ID: 269954
Data rozpoczęcia: 2011-01-01, Data zakończenia: 2013-06-30
There is widespread agreement that ICT services have the potential to play a major role in furthering social development in developing economies such as those in Africa. However, while there is a great deal of potential and opportunity, the amount and scope of actual mobile I...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 99185
Last updated on: 2017-04-22
IST-Africa Initiative (2012 - 2013) - Regional Impact of Information Society Technologies in Africa
ID: 288691
Data rozpoczęcia: 2011-10-01, Data zakończenia: 2014-01-31
IST-Africa (2012 - 2013) is a strategic collaboration between 1 European partner and 18 African Ministries and National Councils responsible for ICT /STI adoption, policy and research representing North Africa (Egypt, Tunisia), Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho,...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 102125
Last updated on: 2017-04-22
IST-Africa Initiative 2014 - 2015
[PROJEKT] IST-Africa 2014-2015 - IST-Africa Initiative 2014 - 2015
ID: 611795
Data rozpoczęcia: 2013-10-01, Data zakończenia: 2016-01-31
The main objectives of IST-Africa (2014 – 2015) are to· Support implementation of Information Society, ICT and Innovation related aspects of the Africa – EU Strategic Partnership and associated dialogues between the European Commission (EC) and EU Member States with the Afric...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 189038
Last updated on: 2017-04-22
Testbeds for Reliable Smart City Machine-to-Machine Communication
ID: 611745
Data rozpoczęcia: 2014-01-01, Data zakończenia: 2015-12-31
Smarter and greener cities are essential to address economic, social, and environmental challenges due to the increase in urbanization, requiring informed decisions based on Internet of Things generated data. A particular challenge is the unstable power supply of cities in un...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 111090
Last updated on: 2017-04-22
Advanced Autonomous Model-Based Operation of Industrial Process Systems
ID: 257059
Data rozpoczęcia: 2010-10-01, Data zakończenia: 2013-12-31
This project aims at improving the operational efficiency of large-scale dynamic plants as found in petrochemical, chemical and other process industries. Costs related with industrial implementation of current model-based operation support systems, like Model Predictive Contr...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 95579
Last updated on: 2017-04-21
Supporting policy dialogues and cooperation with Africa to enhance ICT cooperative research links between Europe and Africa in the framework of the
ID: 288309
Data rozpoczęcia: 2012-01-01, Data zakończenia: 2014-03-31
The 8th Africa-EU Strategic Partnership interlinks 3 priorities which can leverage a faster socio-economic development in Africa. Africa/Europe have recognised that the development of STI & the spreading of ICT to all components of a society are key. P8 new Action Plan lists ...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 102123
Last updated on: 2017-04-21
Towards an Open and Sustainable ICT Research Infrastructure Strategy
ID: 248295
Data rozpoczęcia: 2010-01-01, Data zakończenia: 2012-06-30
The OSIRIS consortium is composed of participants involving Public Authorities and RI Champions across 12 EU Members States and Associated Countries and regions with direct links to existing and future ICT European RIs (i.e. High Performance Computing, Grids, Networks, Micro/...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 94514
Last updated on: 2017-04-20
MAnagement of Security information and events in Service InFrastructures
ID: 257475
Data rozpoczęcia: 2010-10-01, Data zakończenia: 2013-09-30
The main objective of MASSIF is to achieve a significant advance in the area of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). On the base of proper multi-level event correlation MASSIF will provide innovation techniques in order to enable the detection of upcoming securit...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 95310
Last updated on: 2017-04-19
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