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Welcome to the Embedded System Design home page.

Embedded systems - the invisible electronics and software that bring intelligence to devices, objects and processes – are a driver of innovation and growth in many key sectors of European industry (e.g. automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, telecommunications and automation). The research activities of Unit G3 (Embedded Systems and Control) can be classified in three main technical domains: Embedded Systems Design, Computing Systems and Networked Embedded Systems and Control.

Embedded Systems Design (ESD)refers to methods and toolsfor increasing the productivity of system development while ensuring that systems are predictable, dependable and secure. The ESD projects are focused on real-time aspects and model-based design of hardware/software system.


Call 7 opened 28 September 2010 , with closing date 18 January 2011 . Here are the information slides on "New paradigms for Embedded Systems, Monitoring & Control towards Complex Systems Engineering", objective ICT-2009.3.3.

A call for tender on "Design on Future Embedded Systems" was closed on 17 June 2010. Information Documents are available here.

Call 4 was closed on 1st April 2009. Here are the information slides on "Embedded Systems Design", objective ICT-2009.3.4.


  • Projects in Embedded System Design within the ICT programme (Framework Programme 7, ICT Call-1 and 4). Find here the Portfolio of FP7 projects ( 5MB)
  • Projects in Embedded System Design within the IST programme (Framework Programme 6)

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