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3 rd Concertation Meeting of ICT-FP7-FP6 The Network of the Future
Brussels, 17-02-2009



  • 17 February: Overview of meetings
  • 18 February: Technical Program Committee
  • available. Project Coordinator can contact Pierre Chastanet , Miguel Montarelo or Petronela Burceag for workshop proposals ( room will be booked on a first-come first-served basis ).
  • Registration due to 13 th February 2009.
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  • Both FP6 and FP7 projects are invited to join

17 th February 2009 Cluster Meetings - Overview of meetings

Venue: Our premises of Av. de Beaulieu 25

Acronym Agenda Room Cluster Coordinator Project Officer
FI 9:00-18:00 BU25 0/S5

Future Internet Technologies

Henrik Abramowicz Remy Bayou
Paulo de Sousa
Pertti Jauhiainen
RAS 9:00-18:00 BU25 0/S9 Radio Access and Spectrum Jossy Sayir (chair) Peter Stuckmann
Sven Zeisberg (co-chair) Francisco Guirao
  Jorge Carvalho
CaON 9:00-18:00 BU25 0/S2 Converged and optical Networks Mikhail Popov (chair) Andy Houghton
Peter Vandaele (co-chair) Pierre Chastanet

3rd FP6-FP7 Concertation meeting, 17th February 2009

·Concertation meeting Draft Agenda

9:00 – 12:30 Cluster meetings – Part I

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch break (tbd)

14:00 - 17:00 Cluster meetings – Part II

17:00 – 18:00 Closing plenary and EC announcements

18:00-20:00 Networking Cocktail


·         Overview on the Cluster meetings

• • • The "Future Internet Cluster" meeting: MANA Workshop

The "Future Internet" cluster will discuss the research orientation together with the key challenges for the capabilities and the systems in the Management and Service-aware Networking Architectures (MANA) part of the Future Internet. The workshop will start with an introductory session with brief statements from the contributing projects during the first hour followed by two parallel workshop sessions: one session on the MANA position paper and another session on the scenarios.

For contributions or for contacting the chairman of the workshop, click here


• • • The " Radio Access and Spectrum" cluster meeting: RAS One Year Workshop

The "Radio Access and Spectrum" cluster will take stock of the work of the projects during the last year. This workshop aims to provide a platform for projects to present intermediate results highlighting the achievements of the first year since they where launched.

For more information on the preliminary agenda visit the RAS cluster website…

• • • The " Converged and Optical Networks " cluster meeting: CaON One Year Workshop

The "Converged and Optical Networks" cluster identify the major outcome of FP7 projects in the area, look at the key technology trends and the first innovation breakthrough emerging from the cluster after one year of research. Conclusions from brainstorming discussions organized during events by some key Integrated Projects will also be presented. In preparation of future activities and planning, these trends and results will serve to identify promising research paths for the year ahead.

Other key topics will be discussed, among which contribution to FIA in Prague and contribution to the ICT Mobile Summit in Santander.


18th February 2009 Technical Program Committee

Venue: Our premises of Av. de Beaulieu 25

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