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Free and open source software activities in European Information Society initiatives

Free and open source software activities

Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) has seen an enormous growth since the inception the Free Software movement with the GNU project in 1983 and the creation of the Open Source Initiative in 1998. Although this page features a few standard links to the field, its aim is not to provide a survey of a field which is by now well established and generally well-understood. This page is centred on the specific FOSS activities in the domain of software and services in the directorate general Information Society and Media; it also provides links to FOSS activities in other directorates general of the European Commission. 

Why is it important?

FOSS as a development model is a very effective way to collaboratively develop software with fast take-up and improvement cycles. It is more and more used as a vehicle for the dissemination of results of ICT research projects. Those aspects are particularly important for the development of the information society, and in particular of the future internet of services, as FOSS provides open and adaptable building blocks that lower the barriers to entry to new service providers and allow them to develop and innovate faster.

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